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Adult Rider and Adult Rider Horse of the Year Awards

I just wanted to share these two awards for two of our amazing Area 2 Adult Rider members.  What an honor it is to know people with so much heart!  Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, we had a great meeting.  Details to follow soon!

Adult Rider of the Year 2013: Brena Jones and Adult Rider Horse of the Year 2013 Santos, owned and loved by Jenna Calcaterra

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Brena Jones

Adult Rider of the Year 2013

Our Area has so many great Adult Riders; I certainly don't feel very exemplary!  But I am proud to represent ARII AR whenever and wherever I can.  Discovering this group was a game-changer for me: 


Daniel Stewart is coming back to Area 2!

      Got jitters?  Want to learn simple exercises to get your mind and body fine tuned for riding?  We've got you covered!  Join the fun when the Area 2 Adult Riders welcome Daniel Stewart to Area 2 for a special two-day mounted and unmounted Sports Psychology and Rider Fitness Symposium. Daniel will be with us for two packed days at Penmerryl Farm in Greenville, VA on Feb 8-9, 2014.  Penmerryl has everything we need for a great weekend of fun and education.  You can stay on site, bring your horse and participate in some of the best clinics and seminars you need to prepare for the upcoming season (lodging and stablign are separate, but lunch and dinner are on us).  Joining Daniel is Sandra Wiseman to help us learn about Quantum Equestrian.  Sandra will teach you simple techniques you can use every day to keep your body's energy aligned along with competition day exercises. Special discounts apply to Adult Rider members and YRAP members.  The jumps are small, but the exercises mentally demanding, so you don't have to worry if your horse is not in steeplechase condition.  Skipping the trip down South, but still want to be ready to be your best in the Spring?  This is the one clinic you cannot afford to miss!  Check out the information and entry forms under our forms page or click here: Adult Rider Forms      

Adult Riders Communication Methods

There are currently three means of electronic communications within the Area 2 Adult Riders group.

1. ARLIST email system – paid members only and the first notice of special clinics and events just for Adult Riders

2. Yahoo chat group AR2 – mostly paid members, but the list is never purged

3. Facebook: Area 2 Adult Riders – any adult rider can join and keep up with us:AR2 Facebook

ARLIST email system:This is an email distribution list used by the Area 2 Adult Rider Coordinator and a few select others. This is an email only distribution list to PAID members of the Area 2 Adult Rider Program. This list is kept reasonably up-to-date, and after March members who have not renewed for the new year will be purged. All replies to ARLIST emails only go to the List Administrators, so if you have something you want shared with the entire group, please state that in your reply. The Administrators of this list try to exercise restraint and not clutter your email inbox with messages, but occasionally we get a bit too excited about an upcoming event. Our apologies on that.

**PLEASE NOTE:The ARLIST email system is the primary means of communication from the Area 2 Adult Rider Coordinator to the Adult Rider membership. You may request to be removed from this distribution list by replying to one of the emails and asking to be removed, but then it is unlikely you will know about Adult Rider sponsored activities such as events, clinics, social gatherings, silent auctions, etc. While we really appreciate your $25 membership dues, we really want you to get something for it.**

Yahoo chat group AR2:This is a web based chat list and messages posted to the chat go to all members of the chat group. No one is kicked off the list unless he or she is posting “inappropriate material” as deemed by the list administrators. This is a fun and supportive list where individual triumphs are celebrated and losses commiserated. We do not tolerate “snarky” posts like those sometimes found on the COTH bulletin boards, but respectful discourse is always welcome. It is a great place for those who are newer to the sport to get recommendations and advice, and for anyone who just likes to chat about eventing. This list does not allow attachments or special formatting of any kind, but there is a section of the host website where files for clinics or photos of your favorite horse can be uploaded. The chatter can be received in one of three methods: individual emails, one long “daily digest” email, or a no-email method where you log on to the website to read the content. If you are interested in joining this group go to:

Facebook - Area II Adult Riders:If you are a Facebook user, you can probably figure out how this group works. I don’t think I need to say more, except that this is an “open” list and is not tied to your Adult Rider membership. Find us here:AR2 Facebook

Hopefully you have a clearer understanding of how to keep in touch with the Area 2 Adult Rider program and members. You can always email your Area 2 Adult Rider Program Coordinator,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or our Membership Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions. Happy Eventing!

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