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2013 Young Rider Activities

Here are some of the 2013 Young Rider Activities:

2013 is/was full of opportunities for the Area 2 young riders regardless of their desires. Below is the integrated schedule of many of the activities for 2013. There are more - so please check the Area 2 Calendar regularly and read the detailed posting about the specific activities.

Program Pinnacles
·    July 17-22 North American Junior Young Rider Championships
·    October 5-6 USEA Area 2 Championships @Morven Park
·    Oct 23-26 Waredaca Classic 3-Day Novice and Training Team Competition

Over-night Clinics\Camps:
·    April 13-14 YRAP Pilot Program Spring Clinic
·    July 2-4 WOW! Summer camp (Sinead –NAJYRC Coach, Lynn, & Skyeler)
·    July 10-17 NAJYRC Prep Camp w/Sinead
·    October 21-23 YRAP Team training camp (final prep for Novice & Training 3day)

Scramble Team Competitions (Free, Open to all under 21):
·    May 4-5 MCTA @ Shawan Downs
·    May 23-26 Virginia Horse Trials
·    June 15-16 Buck’s County
·    October 5-6 Area 2 Championships at Morven Park
·    Oct 23-26 Waredaca Classic 3-Day Novice and Training Team Competition

Sally Ike Show Jumping Course Building (Free, parents welcome too!)
·    April 3 The Fork
·    Oct 19 Fair Hill International

Behind the Scenes w/Officials @ Events (Free, parents welcome too!)
·    March 9-10 Southern Pines I
·    March 30-31 Morven Park
·    April 27-28 Loudoun Hunt
·    June 1-2 Waredaca HT
·    June 21-23 Surefire
·    July 13-14 The Maryland HT II
·    Sept 7-8 Five Points HT
·    Sept 28-29 Flora Lea Fall HT
·    November 1-3 The Virginia CCI* and HT

Those who volunteer become qualified for Area 2 Year End awards and receive other perks offered by the organizer that often include free schooling, discount entries, and food.

Young Rider Programs in Area 2

Most of the information below was presented at the Area 2 Annual Meeting in Leesburg VA in January. The purpose of this document is to help everyone understand the different tracks of activities being offered to young riders and also see the benefit to expand your USEA membership to include the Young Rider program. There are two tracks – NAJYRC and YRAP. These are explained in detail below. The Young Rider (YR) program encompasses both of these tracks and riders are welcome to move between the tracks to take advantage of the activities that meet their individual needs. After reviewing the details below, feel free to contact any of the coordinators if you have any questions.

What is the YR Program?  

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NAJYRC report from Megan Kepferle

We are all very excited for the future after listening to all the thoughts and ideas and plans at USEA Convention. Specifically I would like to touch on Area II Young Riders. The amount of emails I have been receiving from people wanting to help promote this amazing program is very promising. I encourage all parents, coaches and kids involved in the Young Rider program to reach out to Pam and me. We are going to need everyone's support this coming year to help with fundraising and making this group of young riders the best in the country. For those who are available, I recommend attending the Area II meeting January 13th in Leesburg, VA. This will be a great opportunity to meet with me and ask about Young Riders. I will also have information relevant to qualifying and competing at the NAJYRC, such as training sessions, clinics, mandatory outings, and important deadlines.

It was great meeting with the other coordinators and bouncing ideas back and forth, all with a common goal in mind: making North American Young Riders tomorrow's elite horsemen, riders, coaches, and overall supporters of the great sport of eventing. I have agreed to spearhead two new proposals for 2013. First - to act as a liaison for Ocala-based young riders to organize team building, social, and educational activities. The earlier we can start thinking like a team, the more successful we will be in team competitions. Additionally it is important that these riders have a social network that will eventually evolve into a professional network. Next, I proposed that we use Rolex as a central event for young riders to have access to the best in the country. We hope to have a hub on grounds open to all young riders and host a Q&A with available professionals, have a course walk with David O'Connor, see the vet box, potentially fundraise, and more. It will give riders with NAJYRC as a goal to see the venue, and experience the atmosphere without the pressure of competing. I am thankful to have had the opportunity provided by AREA II to go to such a positive and productive convention.

Young Rider Questionnaire

2012 Young Rider Questionnaire
All riders with the NAJYRC in mind, please download and fill out the Young Rider Questionnaire and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to have a baseline for everyone and their horses. This way there are minimal suprises for anyone when selection comes around. It will also help Sinead in determining what the best course of action will be for you and your horse to get qualified. This program will succeed if everyone leaves the lines of communication open! If you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to add them to your questionnaire. Thanks!

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