2014 YRAP Program Dates

The YRAP season is starting out strong with many clinicians hosting activities in their indoors.  Look for the Area 2 Young Riders’ tent near the score boards and learn more about our program.  The Heart of the Carolina Team Challenge is a great goal for riders competing Beg Novice – Training Level.  For those who email Chris DonovanThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  of their intent to compete as we have Jimmy Wofford’s Training for a Three Day book we will send you.  The trophies and prizes for this 3-day are really nice.  It would be fantastic if Area 2 “brings it home” this year while we are on Area 3’s turf.


Waredaca Schalorship Winners

Waredaca Schalorship Winners of the scholarships are:
  • Arielle Aharoni
  • Megan Benson
  • Cole Ganow
  • Tayler Stewart
They get their entry to Waredaca 3 day covered and get an embroidered cooler.
Waredaca 3-Day CLOSES on Tuesday 9/24 - so please get them in!!
This year their will be a team competition too!  Many people move in on Tuesday evening with the 3 day activities starting early Wednesday morning.
At the Wednesday night dinner, following the jog, we will make team assignments.  No need to worry about teams just yet.
Please go to the Waredaca 3 Day site for the schedule, entry form, and requirements for both Novice and Training.
The awards team has been very busy collecting some really nice gifts.  There are individual and team awards for YRs this year in addition to the overall ribbons.

Morven Park Area 2 Championships

I am looking forward to a great weekend next week!  The Area 2 YR program represents only 10% of the Area 2 membership base so it is really cool that 14% of the entries at Area 2 Championships next weekend are Area 2 Young Riders.

For those entered in the Championship Divisions we will have additional prizes for the Area 2 Young Rider members.  Stop by the Area 2 Young Riders' tent at Stadium Jumping.  The whiteboard will be at the scoring hut as usual so you can check-out who is competing and the Activities we are planning for 2014!

Chris Donovan
YRAP Coordinator

Area 2 Championships - Young Rider Awards

It was so great to see the many Area 2 Young Riders doing so well at the Championships.  There were 52 of you competing, we provided YRAP awards  recognizing the individual performances in the championship divisions.  There were not enough entries to warrant a team competition in the non-championship divisions so individual awards were offered for these riders as well.   I will be mailing the non-Championships ribbons to you soon.  For those who are missing ribbons from Buck's County or Marlborough, the new order of ribbons has arrived so they are being mailed too.

The pictures of championship winners can be found on GRC Photo - please go look on Tuesday http://www.grcphoto.com/grcphto_002.htm and see the great shots!

Below is the long list of all the winners - I am very proud of you all!!
Inline image 1
Inline image 3

YRAP Fall Activities

I personally took a little time off following the packed July that included our WoW Camp, the USPC Championships, and the NAJYRC.  August was time to reconnect with family and start planning 2014 activities for YRAP.

The fall season is in full swing with at least 2 options every weekend to compete.  YRAP has a number of learning activities planned across the area.  This note contains detalis from our "Behind the Scenes" at 5 Points in NC.  We are gearing up for the two remaining pinacle activities the Area 2 Championship at Morven Park and the Waredaca 3-Day.  I do hope that you will be attending at least one of these activities either as a competitor or volunteer as there is so much you can learn without having to pay $$$ to do so.  


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