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The Area II YRAP auction is now live!! Please check out the items and start bidding away! The auction ends Oct. 22.

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WoW Camp Entries Open

The entry form can be found under Forms=> YRAP.  Please note we will have riding instruction on MONDAY as well this year.

Do you plan to compete at the Training Level in 2015?

If so, take a look at the benefits of also joining PRO in 2015.  Since the inception of PRO Jr Training Scholarship and Area 2 Young Rider (or two) have won this award.  This years winner from Area 2 was Jamie Miess.

In addition to the scholarship there is mentorship that comes as part of your membership.  Take a look at http://www.professionalriders.org/mentorship to learn more about that part of the program.

2015 USEA Membership Renewal time

It's that time of year... When renewing your USEA membership, please don't forget to check the Young Rider Program member box and put your age on the form.  

For those born in 1997 or more recently, you are able to save $25 on a Jr Membership regardless of the level you are competing.  Those attending college (even if you are overe 18) can also still get a $25 discounted membership by including a copy of your Student Photo ID. 

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Area 2 Championships - Young Rider Awards

It was so great to see the many Area 2 Young Riders doing so well at the Championships.  There were 52 of you competing, we provided YRAP awards  recognizing the individual performances in the championship divisions.  There were not enough entries to warrant a team competition in the non-championship divisions so individual awards were offered for these riders as well.   I will be mailing the non-Championships ribbons to you soon.  For those who are missing ribbons from Buck's County or Marlborough, the new order of ribbons has arrived so they are being mailed too.

The pictures of championship winners can be found on GRC Photo - please go look on Tuesday http://www.grcphoto.com/grcphto_002.htm and see the great shots!

Below is the long list of all the winners - I am very proud of you all!!
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