CONGRATULATIONS to our top Volunteers!  Area II top Volunteers of the Year are based on the hours recorded by the VIP volunteer program and verified by the participating events.  Thanks to those who participated in the USEA's program sponsored by Sunsprite Warmbloods, and for all you do for the sport.

We will be recognizing the top ten volunteers at the Area II Annual Meeting and Awards Champagne Brunch this Sunday being held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the National Harbor. 

2018 Area II Top Volunteers

1 Michael Smallwood (MD) 211:48
2 Paige Ervin  (MD) 140:06
3 Jane Lynch (NC) 131:00
4 Terry Lynch (NC) 124:20
5 TJ Costa (PA) 120:04
6 Bob Rager (MD) 115:15
7 Art Bird (SC) 103:27
8 Diane Bird (SC) 103:27
9 Kent Holden (NC) 96:00
10 Madi Hunter (MD) 94:16

mike smallwood paige ervin
jane lynch terry lynch
tj costa bob rager
art bird diane bird
kent holden madison hunter

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Sue and Rocky

Sue Jellum and Rochambeau at Jump Start Horse Trials

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