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Twilight Eventing - May 15 & May 29, 2013

About Twilight Eventing

  • Have ALL your gear required for the three phases and your horse.
  • After your warm up, proceed to your Dressage arena ready to start at your appointed time. Late arrivals will not be honored. Dressage is run and scored under the same rules as for USEA events.
  • Put on your horse's SJ boots, warm up over a few jumps in the warm up area and proceed to the SJ arena.
  • SJ is run and scored under the same rules as for USEA events.
  • Change your horse's boots, put on your vest and proceed to the start of the cross-country course.

You will start this shortened course of 1000m to 1400m and 12 to 15 jump efforts again under nearly* the same rules and scoring as USEA events.

*(Each XC Jump effort has a choice of BN .79m (2-'7"), N  .90m (2'-11")  or  T  1.0m (3'-3") choose any 1 of these at each jump number. A missed jump or one fall and you are eliminated).

  • You should have completed your whole event within 30 min of the start time.
  • Dress for all phases the same as you would for Cross-Country.
  • This is a schooling experience. No ribbons. Scores will be available after the event.

General Event Conditions & Information

  • Run under USEA eventing rules
  • The organizing committee reserve the right to restrict entries as necessary, alter classes and prize money as required and to refuse any entries without explanation.
  • Medical arms bands are required for all jumping phases
  • Pinny #'s  will be provided
  • Entry status and final results will be available to view on www.themarylandhorsetrials.com

Special Event Conditions

  • Pay by credit card on website - $75 (includes convenience fee of $5)
  • Payment - must be received by Friday prior to the event to secure your place.
  • Refunds – will only be given if someone fills your place from the wait list.
  • Timetable – to be run in an express eventing format as explained below. Event starts at 5:00 pm.
  • Other Dates for the Series – May 8, May 22,  and June 5. Online entries available at www.themarylandhorsetrials.com. Space is limited.

Your dressage time will also be emailed to you after payment, coggins and signed release are received.

  • Dressage and XC results will be emailed to you after they are scored
  • Once a class is full or you are a late entry, you may be wait listed until a scratch occurs.

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