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Starter Horse Trials are a great way to learn about or move up in the sport of Eventing. The courses for this show will be modified from the recognized Horse Trial that runs in the spring and fall to make them more inviting for the beginner rider or horse or to help with the transition between levels.

Entry Form

FLF Starter Trials Entry.pdf

Please send entries through the mail to 2 Robinson Road, Medford, NJ 08055 or bring them directly to the farm and leave in the box found in the breeze way.

Organizers: Sebastian Adams and Kelly Adams

Location: Flora Lea Farm Medford, NJ

Date: July 14, 2013

Opening Date: June 10, 2013

Closing Date: July 1, 2013

Times Posted: July 11, 2013

Officials: TBD

Secretary – Kelly Adams
2 Robinson Road

Medford, NJ 08055
Phone: (609)923-7847
Fax: (609) 714-0550

Judges - TBD


Elementary Division: EH (Elementary Horse) or ER (Elementary Rider)

·         Dressage:2011 USDF Introductory Level--Test A (small arena)(Walk-Trot).

·         Cross Country: 6-10 fences approximately 18", No time

·         Stadium Jumping: fences 18".


Beginner Novice Division: BNH (Beginner Novice Horse), BNR (Beginner Novice Rider)

·         Dressage: USEF  2010 Beginner Novice Test A (small arena).

·         Cross Country: 9-12 fences, 2'4-7", No time

·         Stadium Jumping: fences 2'4-7".


Novice Division: NH (Novice Horse), NR (Novice Rider)

·         Dressage: USEF 2010 Novice Test A (small arena).

·         Cross Country: 10-14 fences 2'6-11", No time.

·         Stadium Jumping: fences 2'6-11".


Training Division: TH (Training Horse), TR (Training Rider)

·         Dressage: USEF 2010 Training Test A (small arena).

·         Cross Country: 10-16 fences 3'3", No time.

·         Stadium Jumping: fences 3'3".


Description of Courses and Jumps

The courses will be basic and straight forward for each level. Elementary will be composed mainly of logs and will not have a ditch or water. Beginner Novice will be logs, roll tops and other inviting shaped jumps with possibly water and a non-riveted ditch. Novice and Training will be inviting jumps that are basic yet similar to the jumps found in recognized competition.  Novice and Training may have a ditch, bank, and water.

Entry Instructions

1.      Enter by mailing an attached entry form.. All entries must be signed and received by the closing date

2.     Proof of negative Coggins must accompany entries.

3.     Entry Fees: $80.00 all divisions. Make checks payable to: Flora Lea Farm  and mail entries to: Kelly Adams 2 Robinson Rd. Medford, NJ 08055. Or fax 609-714-0550. For questions call 609-923-7847

4.     Entries will be accepted based on postmark date. Management reserves the right to cancel or divide entries as deemed necessary. Refunds: Before Closing Date minus $5.00 office fee. No refunds after Closing Date. Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds if the event is cancelled.



Rules should follow USEA Eventing rules unless otherwise stated. Casual attire is permitted, but helmets must be SEI/ASTM approved and all equipment for the horse should follow USEA standards.

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