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Andrea Waldo and Tik Maynard Clinic
Saturday 14 August 2021, 08:00am
To Monday 16 August 2021
Contact Kate Rakowski

Do you….

  • Feel nervous, anxious or afraid when you ride?
  • Have trouble focusing in lessons or shows because you are tense or worried?
  • Feel embarrassed about your nervousness?
  • Get frustrated when someone tells you to “just relax”?
  • Want to learn more about how and when your “lizard brain” takes over and how to get your “rational brain” back in charge?
  • Want to be a better coach/instructor to your students by understanding their brain better?
  • Want to understand your brain and your horse’s brain better?
  • Want to learn to communicate with your horse more consistently?
  • Get frustrated when your horse refuses or “acts up” and you don’t know why it’s being that way?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, come to this unique clinic opportunity. Ride with both Tik Maynard and Andrea Waldo.

Andrea Waldo, a psychotherapist and a US Eventing Association certified riding instructor, developed the StressLess Riding Program. She teaches creative, practical mental strategies and skills to help riders of all disciplines move past their fears and toward a calm, focused mindset. Riders become more confident and successful in the saddle, and riding becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. Isn’t this why we ride in the first place?

Andrea draws on techniques and knowledge from Sport Psychology, Solution-Oriented Therapy, Neuropsychology and classical riding. But what really matters is that it helps you as the rider to reach your goals and dreams in the saddle…without ever making you feel stupid for being afraid or telling you to “just relax”!

Horse Psychology as Tik Maynard has named his program, is the wave of the equestrian sports future. Tik believes in developing fundamentals at the most basic level to be successful as horses mature. His horse psychology then helps riders advance up the levels developing further understanding and better communication with their horses. This is done through pressure and release, using horses natural curiosity, and adjusting the program and the speed of advancing to each specific horse. Most of all the foundational problems are identified and addressed with empathy, respect, communication and trust through this horse psychology program.

Clinic Details:

Saturday, Aug 14 @ TuckerBerry Farm in Radiant, VA
Daytime - groundwork or cavaletti/gridwork with Tik
PM -workshop with Andrea for a quick intro to her ideas followed by pot luck dinner, Q & A and book signings with both clinicians

Sunday, Aug 15 @ WinGreen in Rhodesville, VA - jump courses and XC schooling co-taught by both clinicians. This will allow pull-outs for special issues as well as discussions of how horse and human brains approach issues and communicate to solve problems.

Monday, Aug 16 @ either location - mounted group work with Andrea on specific needs or skills not addressed yet during the weekend.

Auditing available any day. Discounts for USEA Area 2 adult riders. Private lessons to work on specific issues with you or your horse available Saturday or Monday.

Kate Rakowski

(802) 299-1220

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Location Tuckerberry Farm Radiant, VA & WinGreen, Rhoadesville, VA

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