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Body Lameness and Biomechanics Clinic
From Saturday 18 June 2022
To Sunday 19 June 2022

Combination Clinic June 18-19, 2022 Raeford, NC (very close to CHP)

Body Lameness and a new way to look at equine sports medicine with Dr Kate Workman of Denali Equine.

Biomechanics with 4* eventer, Jessica Bortner-Harris, BS in Equestrian Studies Learn how each thing effects the other in so many ways. June 18 from 8-12 will be the lecture portion of the clinic. Dr Workman and Jessica will use demo horses and riders to discuss common issues that they see in their day to day.

For more information on Dr Workman’s outlook on sports medicine, listen to this podcast with her mentor, Dr Audrey DeClue For more information on how Jessica teaches, Gina Pletch writes it best: “One HUGE thing I have learned as a rider and coach is that we really dont know our bodies. Especially kids and teenagers.

A common misconception is that the bands fix you. Nope. Jessica Bortner-Harris’s instruction gives you the tools to fix yourself. She has a keen eye for each rider’s twists, weaknesses, and where and how you’re blocking your horse. She helps you read your horse, learn your body, and work through those. The bands engage your muscles and make you WORK. That is why your horse always goes better with them on. Because you are engaged! Without the correct instruction, you will just become stronger in your crookedness.

Another misconception when fixing crookedness is,“Tell me how it should feel”. You unfortunately cannot use this tool then correcting rider crookedness. In your mind, you think it should feel amazing in your body. NOPE. It will feel so wrong and so twisted because of your muscle memory. But guess what does feel amazing? YOUR HORSE! Jessica, if given enough time, will teach you how to ride to read your horse’s body.”

Light Breakfast will be provided.

Please bring your own chairs and extra drinks.

Cost for this portion is $50/person.

June 18 after 1 pm and June 19

Biomechanics lessons offered with Jessica Bortner-Harris.

45 minute private lessons Cost is $95. 6 sessions will be offered on the 18th and a maximum of 15 sessions on the 19th.

For more information on any part of the clinic or to enter, email Jessica at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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