Prince PRE Gelding Buckskin 21 Horse . 8 year old Buckskin - Great Sports horse with power and elasticity!!This beautiful gelding is a standout with his golden color! Prince is a buckskin colored gelding with a super nice character. He has only just arrived in the Netherlands but has already found his place. Every day that we ride him is a joy for us! Prince is ridden the Doma Vaquera way, which means with one hand and very different from we are used to in the Netherlands. That makes it even nicer to find out what 'buttons' this beautiful man has. If you sit forward he jumps from walk to canter, if you sit deep and you whistle he stands still immediately. Backwards and sideways are no problem at all and he responds very well to all aids. In the beginning you have to find out where all the buttons are, but when you get the hang of it he does everything you want! You can ride him relaxed and make him hot, especially if you have found the button canter-walk-canter. The nice thing about h


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Prince Pre Gelding Buckskin 21 Horse ( Horses )Prince Pre Gelding Buckskin 21 Horse ( Horses )

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