Area Championships

The Maryland Horse Trials, Adamstown MD, Oct. 1 - 3, 2021

Open Date: Aug 17;area2champbanner Close Date: Sep 14

Qualifying Period:  10/15/2020 - 9/14/2021  In Area: BN, N, T, P, M - Any Area: A,I

Open to members of other Areas, but must qualify within Area II for BN/N/T/M/P.

Below are the Area 2 requirements. 

  1. All competitors must be current members of the USEA.
  2. All horses must be registered with the USEA.
  3. All qualifying competitions must be USEA registered horse trials, two-day or three-day events. Area II will follow results as posted by USEA national office. A rider whose placing is adjusted by USEA to reflect an "amateur" placing may use the higher "amateur" placing result for purposes of qualifying for Area II Championships.
  4. Divisions must have five or more starters to count as qualifying competitions.
  5. No horse may compete in more than one area championship in a calendar year.
  6. All qualifying competitions must be listed on entry form.
  7. Residency in Area II is not required to participate in the Area II Championships. **
  8. Horse and rider do not have to qualify together.
  9. For BN-P, Horse and rider must place 1st through 5th at one event within Area 2
  10. For I & A   Horse and rider must place 1st through 5th at one event in any area.
  11. If entries allow, division will be further split with definitions that conform to USEA/USEF definitions:
    • Adult Amateur
    • Junior/Young
    • Young Horse
    • Open

**Riders in the affected portion of Pennsylvania may compete in either Area Championship (but only one championship) provided they obtain the required qualifications, and limits on out-of-Area qualifications will be waived for results obtained in either of the respective Areas.

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Paige Ramsey and Emyra V jumping into the weekend
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