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2019 Year End Awards Program - Update

The Year End Awards program is going to have some changes coming in 2019. Watch this space - we will post the news when the Area Council approves all of the new changes. Basically we will not be changing the Year End Awards for the competitors, but hope to be streamlining things for those who are involved in helping to count the points. In addition, we will be working on more trophies and promotions for year end winners. And an online signup is also proposed! Don't forget that Area II Year End Awards has an 8-hour volunteer requirement. You must volunteer in the area at least 8 hours in any capacity for any recognized event before the end of the season in order for points to count. So line up your volunteer hours today by visiting www.eventingvolunteers.com, signing up, and choosing your event and job online. More info soon!

2015 Points


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2011 USEA Area II Year End Awards Program Final Results

2011 Area II Year End Awards Program has come to a close. Some divisions were hotly contested!  Hope you all had great fun in the 2011 season!  Anyone interested in being featured? Please send me some basic info/story on you  and/or your pony along with a jpg photo that does not have copyright infringements or ask photographer for permission.  Any questions, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   CONGRATS TO ALL!  Let's do it again next year.  Awards presentation will be at the annual Area 2 meeting on January 21st during luncheon in Leesburg, VA, more details to follow.   PLEASE NOTE: ALL CHAMPIONS RECEIVE FREE ADMISSION TO THE AWARDS LUNCHEON PRESENTATION.

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2010 Final Points - Year End Awards

FINAL 2010 YEAR END AWARDS STANDINGS!!!   Year-end trophies and ribbons will be presented to the appropriate recipients at a ceremony to be held at the 2010 USEA Area II Annual Meeting. Date: January 22nd. The exact location and time of the awards ceremony is to be advised shortly, but will be advertised on the Area II Website well in advance. Any recipient who is unable to attend the awards ceremony will be sent their awards by mail at a later date.  But we hope you can all make it!

Year-end Champions will receive credit voucher (amount TBA) towards 2010 USEA Area II Awards Dinner.

Hope you ALL had a fun-filled eventing season!  CONGRATS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS!!!!

I'm sorry... but some names had to be dropped from final standings, no confirmation of volunteer hours... this is a very important component, organizers need you! 

Looking forward to 2011 and doing it all again for some more exciting fun!

If you would like to be featured, please send me an email with some highlights and picture!  Check out the ones that have already been featured.


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2018 Meeting Pictures

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