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My name is Alexis DiPasqua, 16 years old, from West Chester, PA. This year I had the privilege of riding Cinnamon Toast better known as “King”. A 20 year old appaloosa quarter horse. “King” was purchased in the winter of 2013 for my Mom. Thinking he could retire from Novice and be a “Mom” horse. Little did “King” know that he was going to teach me to be an eventer. This was my first year of eventing regularly and doing recognized events. In the past I had done a few, but after I had a bad fall and broke my hand in May 2012 I focused on dressage and Pony Club. I am currently hold a rating of C-2/ HB and am a member of The Radnor Hunt Pony Club in Malvern, PA. That is when “King” came into the picture.

We started our season by going to Plantation Fields and placed second. That was the start to our amazing season that consisted of competing at Bucks County Horse Park Horse Trials, twice and winning both times. Also, showing at Flora Lee Spring Horse Trials and placed first. In, addition, I was invited and competed at the United States Pony Club National Championship at the Kentucky Horse Park and took first there as well. I also competed at The New Jersey Horse Park, Horse Trials have a good dressage score but struggling with time faults cross country which earned me sixth place. Finally ending the season by attending the Area II Championship in Lexington, Virginia and winning the Junior Beginner Novice. Our dressage scores for the season ranged from a 19 (at Bucks County) to a 34.7 (at Plantation). This earned us a Blue Ribbon Award and a Gold Medal.

“King” taught me so much through the season. From wrapping and how to braid quickly. Also running cross country with no time penalties (which was an issue for me). Of course I would not have been able to accomplish any of this without my Trainer, Beth Wicas, Owner/Trainer of Mane Event Stables in Malvern, PA. Mrs. Wicas has taught me excellent horsemanship including learning the responsibilities involved with the sport.

Area II Championships was King’s last event and I am extremely proud to say we ended on our Dressage score (not picking up any time faults on cross country and having the fastest Show Jumping course of the day while going completely clean). “King” has definitely earned his retirement and ended on a great season. In 2015 I will be moving up to Novice with my pony, BDR Capezio, “Cappy”. I hope to transfer my knowledge and ability to “Cappy” and enjoy the ride. Thank you to all involved in making this past season happen, especially my Mom and Dad.






My name is Kim Coleman and I live in Pennington, NJ. As a junior rider, I did mainly equitation and some hunters and jumpers. When my junior years were over, I went to college, worked in NYC, got married and had 2 children. In my 30s I started riding again once both of my boys were in school.

After 15 years off, it felt great to be back on a horse. I bought a chestnut Thoroughbred mare named Quiet Bid, Holly. We competed in the hunters for a few years and then continued on to the jumpers, then everything changed when we moved to Toy Box Farm. Now in my 40’s, I had discovered eventing. The only problem was that Holly was not very keen on the idea of XC.

As it became clear that she did not want to be an event horse, a new horse came to the barn from Monmouth Race Track in August 2011. His name was Fagedaboudit Pal, a very handsome 4 year old bay gelding. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to begin riding him that October, thanks to my trainer who owned Pal, Carol Blackman. For the first year, he ran sideways anytime another horse came near him, which meant all they had to do was be in the ring. Luckily, he grew out of that and turned into a really nice horse, especially when it came to jumping. The best news was that he “loves” XC!

In February 2012, I bought Pal. That year Pal and I did a few Beginner Novices and then moved up to Novice. We just completed our third season competing together. I feel like Pal and I have grown together as a team and I’m really looking forward to 2015. Our plan is to move up to Training in the spring.




Winchester is a fabulous horse who continues to teach me how to ride him better each time. Many thanks to my coach Lisa Reid who not only leads me to improve my riding abilities, but also builds my overall confidence. With my limited amount of time to ride due to other obligations, Lisa has a unique ability to accomplish a significant amount with me in a short time. Thank you to Jim and Suzy Gehris who take great care of Winchester every day. This year we had the chance to travel to some new events which was a lot of fun. My sister and I traveled down to Southern Pines where we evented with my brother Jim and his wife at Five Points Horse Trials. Only horse folks would sign up to use their vacation time from work to go compete in 100+ degree weather and be excited to do so! Later, we all ended up together at Virginia Horse Trials, again taking off from work, and rode in windy 30 degree weather. Our family pictures this year come from both of these HT and are the best!

PHOTO CREDIT TO High Times Photography

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Folks around me hear me say "Paints Rule" and Taking A Taxi is a huge reason why. We have had an amazing year !! Here he is sporting some of his "Leapin' Leprechaun" outfit for the Fall Virginia HT. He has also gone pair racing, hunting, and trail riding. He is a critical part of marking our Hunt Pace Events because he lets us hang lots of plastic streamers on his reins and martingale that we then put on branches and trees along the way marking the path. Whatever we want to do, he becomes 'that horse that day' and is tons of fun. I am very lucky to have such a gem !!






Ashley Russell found her competition partner, Philharmonic, 3 years ago. The then 9 year old 17.3 hand chestnut Dutch Warmblood stole her heart. Everyone thought Ashley had lost her mind taking him on as he had just finished healing from a devastating injury with a former owner where he broke his whithers, pelvis, and tail. Ashley spent the first year of their partnership teaching him how to operate his new body. She took him back to basics and restarted him in order to put the pieces of his shattered confidence back together. Their second year was spent smoothing out the rough edges and competing at the BN level. Ashley is a legally blind rider and the pair soon found the ability to trust in each other and negotiate their way around courses successfully. They qualified for the 2014 AEC’s and were excited to head to TX where they finished 13th on their dressage score after 2 double clear jumping rounds. The pair really found their stride together in their third year when they made the move up to Novice. They qualified for the 2015 AEC’s when they won the SVPC Open Novice on their Dressage score and are excited to go back to TX in 2015. They are also training towards the goal of competing in the Waredaca 3 Day. Ashley resides with her family at their beautiful farm, TRU Liberty Stables, in Lovettsville, Va. She is the captain of BABS Eventing and her passion lies in helping others achieve confidence with their equine partners and realize their Eventing goals.

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Just little over a year ago, Peter "Karoo" arrived at our farm. He is TB / Percheron that we have been very fortunate to have come into our lives. We had an immediate connection and our journey together took off at the Novice level. In 2014 we continued with Novice to start the season, winning 5 for 5 starts (and an wonderful total of 8 for 8 during our Novice level career). While at the Waredaca Novice Three Day, we met Natalie Hollis. She coached me through a very stressful stadium round and we’ve been with her ever since. There will never be enough thanks for what Natalie has done for me. She gave me my first experience as a working student, riding young horses and trained ones. Before then, I had only rode my own horses and a few here and there. One horse my mom would ride was named ‘Kappy’. I took over riding her several months ago and she has taught me so much. An extremely talented mare showed me patience and how to ride the horse you have every day. Lucky for me, Peter was almost identical day to day. After our novice start we then stepped into a successful year of Training. I am so thankful for the experiences I’ve had with him and can’t wait for whats to come in the next season. None of this would be even close to possible without my mom as my amazing photographer, groom, driver, horse owner, barn manager, and biggest fan. Also, a thanks to our friend, Terri Impson, for bringing us this fantastic horse and Stephen Bradley for his incredible advice and working opportunities along the way! And THANK YOU to ALL of our friends that have been a huge support in so many ways!

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Diamond Legacy, also known as “Gus,” is a fabulous 15 year old thoroughbred.

We had a pretty busy and terrific year in Area II in the training level finishing in the top four in ten horse trials. We even competed at Virginia at prelim and finished 3rd. We just needed that trip around the preliminary cross country course for a little “rush” that training just can’t provide.

In September Mom and I were off to the American Eventing Championships at Texas Rose Park for the second year with two slightly off horses and four crazy dogs. We had a great time and Gus and I finished 3rd in the Training Amateur Division. We also finished 1st in the training division for the Adult Team Challenge on a scramble team. Command Approval had an OK dressage and was double clean on cross country but was really sore on show jumping day so I decided to withdraw him. My Aunt and Uncle drove up from Houston. They had never seen me ride and I was happy they were able to see a good finish.

Every year I try to compete at one horse trials I’ve never been to before. This year we went to Poplar Place Farm in Georgia. The venue and volunteers were very nice. Our dressage score was good but the show jumping was not what I had hoped for. We dropped from 1st to 5th place. My competitive Mother wasn’t too happy!! Gus, being the cross country machine that he is, rocked around that course with a double clean which put us back in 1st. The 11 hour drive home was a lot nicer with a blue ribbon hanging off the dash.

Together with some great performances from my other horse (Command Approval), I was able to top the 2014 USEA leaderboard for Training Amateur Adult Rider and Training Adult Rider again. Gus was 4th on the Training Horse Leaderboard. We also won the Dover Saddlery Eventing Challenge for the second year in a row. None of this would be possible without support from others. I want to thank Packy McGaughan for his teaching and coaching support, Tyler and Tayler Stewart who were always there with words of encouragement, Amy Brown and Brittany Yard and her Mom Cheryl, and of course my Mom. And I could never thank Stephen Bradley and Peter Foley enough for putting Gus and I together.

In addition to being a registered nurse and a Senior Product Adviser at Dover Saddlery (Chantilly), I am a graduate “A” from the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club.

Looking forward to 2015 and another great year with both the boys.





Command Approval or Pride as he is known around the barn is a twelve year old OTTB chestnut gelding.

After a disastrous 2013, with a suspensory injury, we looked forward to a great 2014. The beginning of 2014 was promising. Pride was sound and out of 4 horse trials in the first of the season we had two firsts, a second and a tenth. Then cellulitis, a shin splint and a bad case of fungus kept him from competing most of the summer. Call me crazy but after competing in the Seneca Valley Horse Trials in September, we packed up to go to the AECs but withdrew before show jumping because of soreness. Pride had some time off and then we were off to the Area II Championships. I think I need to carry a rabbit’s foot or some other lucky charm when we go to Area II Champs because it never ends well on Pride. We finished out the year with a second at Full Moon. Our placings at the first of the year enabled us to capture second place in Area II Adult Amateur Training. Pride is currently wrapped in bubble wrap and is looking forward to next season. 2015 here we come!!!

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