Points & Awards Program

The 2015 recipient of USEA Area 2 - TB Award  winner announced - For all the TB owners/eventers! For all you TB owners/eventers! We have again a very generous USEA Area II contributor, Vicki Fox, the sponsor of the special TB award. If you signed up for the 2015 USEA Area II Year End Awards Program with your TB you were automatically eligible for this Special Award. A separate points tally applied for all the TB's. The PRO’s and "smurfs" were equally eligible at all levels (Beginner Novice through Advanced). We assigning separate points system from YEA for this Special TB Award - placings 1-6 and assigning points 6-1. We can’t thank Vicki enough for her very generous sponsorship!

The 2015 TB Award winner is Fiddlers Choice with her jockey Bailey Yablonovitz.

My name is Bailey Yablonovitz. I'm 14 years old and I am the owner and rider of Fiddler's Choice. Fiddler's Choice or Fiddler as he is known around the barn is an 11 year old grey thoroughbred. My parents purchased Fiddler for me a little over a year ago for my bat mitzvah. Fiddler began racing when he was 2 years old. Eventually he retired from his racing career and became an eventer. Fiddler has evented to Preliminary with his previous owner Sarah Rupert. Fiddler taught me the basics of eventing and of course none of this would have been possible without the help of Susie Beale my amazing trainer, who was also the one who found Fiddler! Throughout the year we went to many events and with the help of Susie; Fiddler and I usually finished well. This year has been incredibly successful, and I couldn't have done it without Susie, my friends that encourage me through everything, my parents who without their support none of this would be possible, and of course my amazing horse Fiddler's Choice! Fiddler has taught me so much throughout the time that I have owned him! But most importantly he taught me to relax and enjoy the ride.

TB award winner 2015 Bailey Yablonovitz and Fiddlers Choice