Points & Awards Program

Join the USEA Area 2 Year End Awards program! Go ahead and have some extra fun in 2016!  Remember this program differs slightly from the National program.  Please tell a friend to join as well, the more applicants to better the prizes!  It’s a good idea to read the rules and review eligibility, how points are calculated, fees, and deadlines. The 2016 Forms and Rules are now available on USEA Area 2 website under Points and Awards Program - FORMS.   The Points system follows USEA points, so if you participate USEA Area 2 Junior/YR or Amateur division, you will be awarded upgraded points in accordance to USEA rules, check out the rules!

For a mere $20 registration fee you can be part of the fun! (unless you register late than it’s a little more, late fees apply post July 1st)

Forms and information can be found on USEA Area 2 website home page (rightside there is a “button” that will link you to the forms and detailed information)