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First, the bad news:

  • The Area II Council has suspended the traditional Year End Awards Program, which is based on points gained for placings at USEA Area II recognized horse trials, for the 2020 competition year. The council felt that in all fairness it was not appropriate to encourage point-chasing given the circumstances of the shortened season; not all competitors were able to compete at their local events this year; and some events have had to restrict entry numbers due to local or state regulations. These circumstances make open and fair competition for the traditional high point awards impossible.

Only 8 events have been completed by the middle of our Area II season; normally, there would have been 30. And we cannot predict what may happen going forward. It is reasonable to expect a very shortened season. For that reason, the memorial and perpetual trophies (with a few exceptions, those awarded not based on points) will not be calculated for this year only, and high points will not be counted in the traditional format at this time.

In addition, with the national association freezing funds, and our budget being affected, we also had to take in mind the costs of this program as well, and to date, registration totals are not near what we would need for a full year end awards offering.

Now, the good news!

  • However, in an effort to reward those who are supporting Area II events by entering and competing, and to fulfill the objective of the awards program to assist organizers in filling events and encouraging good Area wide competition, the council has allowed the Awards Committee to create new awards based on other criteria than points and placings.

 The committee has requested that these be called the “Patrick McGaughan Memorial Area II Awards of Excellence”*, or the “Packy Awards!”

  • The “Packys” will be based on excellence, not on points or placings. The goal is to encourage good riding and competing at whatever events you manage to get to this year! Rather than compete against others, you will be competing against yourself, to better your average score and keep up your work to achieve goals such as going double clear, making the time on cross-country, etc.
  • A complete list of the awards will be forthcoming by the end of the year, but they will include:
    • Best Average Score in each division (BN, N, T, M, P, I, A) for the top three competitors throughout the season with JR/YR and AA separated out at each level
    • Best Double Clear/Optimum Time Consistent Horse Trial Performances (BN, N, T – JR/YR and AA)
    • Cross Country Optimum Time Excellence (consistent performances on XC close to optimum time)
  • Announcement of winners will be made at the close of the season or at an appropriate time, since we cannot predict what events will comprise the entire schedule. The awards will be medals and/or ribbons and other prizes, as can be sponsored. They will be mailed/distributed at a time/place TBD. (We will have information in the fall regarding this.) We will include Breed awards if we can obtain a sponsor.
  • You do have to register for the Packy Awards just as you would for traditional Year End Awards.
    • Those who have already signed up this year for YEA are automatically registered, no fees necessary.
    • The fee is $20/per horse/rider combination – one fee will cover any/all selected divisions - and is good for any division entered, (you don’t need to send another fee if you move up a division) as we will use the USEA official results, no matter what category, to calculate your score.
    • The deadline for signup has been extended to fall. Watch for the cut-off date online at the Area II website. There is no late fee. The registration fee basically helps pay our mailing costs so it is very helpful if you can signup online on the automatic registration and submit payment via PayPal (please add the convenience fee to cover the percentage). (It will be $20.50)
  • The volunteer requirement has been suspended. There is no volunteer hours requirement this year, however, if you are registered for awards, AND have volunteer hours in the app, at the end of the year you will receive a special bonus prize!
  • Those who register will be listed on the Area II Tableau, follow along with your favorites as they compete and gain scores and averages the rest of the season. Sign up now and watch your average score change with each event! It’s to your advantage to sign up soon. However we will calculate your average over all entered/completed Area II events this season, no matter when you sign up.
  • We would like to see professionals sign up their young and green horses for these awards! We think they will be special, and would like to publicize our winners! We will ADD YEH, NEH, FEH, etc. if enough registrants.
  • For questions contact USEA Area II Awards Program chair Holly Covey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (email please!)

Registration is now closed!

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Mr. Indiscretion and Allyson Rice at SVPC HT    PC: GRC Photography

Mr. Indiscretion and Allyson Rice at SVPC HT


PC: GRC Photography


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