Update on upcoming clincs/adult rider planned events:

May 11 XC clinic with Patrick McGaughan at WinGreen Farm in Rhoadesville, VA.

May 11 Schooling Day at Carolina Horse Park with Bonnie Mosser  - we are trying to coordinate for AR to get a discount with Bonnie Mosser who will be there teaching for the schooling day.  More details to follow, we will likely coordinate groups at different levels and if any adult riders want to join in they will be given some type of discount.

June 1 Clinic with Phillip Dutton in Rougemont, NC - Holly Hudspeth is coordinating this clinic and we are hoping to add in an Adult Rider discount...more details to follow

June 15 - 18 YR Southern Wow Camp at Carolina Horse Park - Adult Riders are welcome, see all info here.

July 6-7 Know Your Speed Clinic with Bonnie Mosser at Chapel Springs Farm in Free Union, VA. This is a tentative date for the pace clinic with Bonnie Mosser at beautiful Chapel Springs.  More details to follow once we confirm this.

July 16-19 Northern YR Wow Camp at Loch Moy Adamstown, Md - Adult Riders are welcome.  Details to follow.

July 20-21 Clinic with Allison Spring at Beverly Equestrian The Plains, VA - this clinic is in the works.  Will likely be a 1-2 day clinic depending on interest.  More details to follow.  Allison will teach groups of 4-5 riders and will start with flatwork and then gymnastic/warm up jump exercises and coursework.  This could potentially be a camp but I'm waiting on more details.  Beverly Equestrian is a super nice facility with excellent footing.

This is what we have in the works.  We really need Adult Riders in PA & NJ to help coordinate clinics in those areas.  Even if a clinic is already in the works, we can offer an AR discount.

Thank you!

Carly Eddahri

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