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Your ticket to “The Ride of Your Life”

The Training Level Three Day Event is an educational hybrid competition; it is officially recognized by the United States Eventing Association as an educational activity. Riders compete in an actual "classic" three day event, with roads and tracks and steeplechase, a "10-minute box"as well as cross country, in addition to dressage and stadium jumping. Formal horse inspections also take place on the first day and on the last day. What makes it fun is the wonderful educational opportunities for both riders and volunteers.

Reorganization of website

posted Jan. 3, 2008

It's that time of year...time to clean out the old and bring in the new. So right now we're cleaning house and reorganizing the website to have a new format that will be more interactive and hopefully provide members with a better online experience.

Please bear with us while we complete this process. The site will remain up and you shouldn't notice any interruptions, but things may not be updated on this format as we're moving to a new one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the webmaster. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kevin Baumgardner to speak at Annual Meeting

posted Nov. 16, 2008

The Committee for the Area II Annual Meeting is delighted to announce that Mr. Kevin Baumgardner, President of the United States Eventing Association, will be speaking at our meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square, PA on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008.

Mr. Baumgardner has graciously agreed to meet with us and talk about what he sees as the key issues facing Eventing in the coming years. After his opening remarks, we will open the session to allow you to pose your own questions to Mr. Baumgardner and to share your opinions about what is important to our sport. Prepare your questions and comments and come to Kennett Square next Saturday!

Please get you reservations in as soon as possible. Registrations received after Monday cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the meals provided.

Click here for Annual Meeting schedule and registration forms

The Annual Meeting is a great time to visit with friends, learn new things and see what’s in store for next year. Some things to look forward to this year…..

The Rules Forum – get a preview of rules changes and proposed changes for the 2009 competition year.


  • Gretchen Butts will give us a recap of her Hong Kong experience. Gretchen Butts has served the USEA in just about every capacity possible. A past board member and VP of Education, she is currently Director of the USEA Officials Advisory Panel and the Educational Consultant to the Association. She also is an advisor to the USEF Eventing Technical Committee, a member of the Active Athletes and Safety Committees as well as being very involved in cross country course design with the licensed designers and builders. Gretchen is herself a licensed judge and technical delegate-- nationally and internationally, organized three USEA recognized events this year, and while doing all this had piloted her horse Zydeco at the Four Star Level as well as training some younger horses. Gretchen is one of those rare people who understands just about every rule of the sport, and is happy to pass this information along to everyone in the form of her Get Smart column in Eventing USA, or at the various competitions and clinics she organizes and attends. Her dedication to the sport, her horses, her family, and the USEA is truly appreciated.
  • Kelley Williams will be share with us how she manages to start and bring along young horses. After graduating from St. Mary’s College with a degree in math, Kelley married high school sweetheart, Danny Williams, and began working for Ridgeview Veterinary Practice (large animal veterinarians). Working with Dr. Will Engel at the practice has helped fine-tune her horsemanship skills through the years. In addition, she continued with her riding and competing and eventually found a love of retraining young horses off the track. That, coupled with her passion for eventing, led to her current career. Kelley is a naturally gifted trainer who always seems to know what the young horses need and possesses an infinite amount of patience with them. Over the past few years, Kelley has found incredible gratification in her teaching and coaching, and feels very strongly that she learns as much from her students as they learn from her.
  • Banquet - The evening banquet and award ceremony is a super way to put a close on the competition year and reflect upon not only the successes of ourselves and others, but to take stock of the things we need to work on in the coming year both as competitors and eventing enthusiasts.

DOWNLOAD the registration form. (PDF)

FINAL POINTS TALLIED - FINAL results are posted.

posted Nov. 15, 2008

The final event of the year is completed, and the results have been posted in record time (thank you, Rubicon!) I have now calculated all the divisions, and the points and placings are shown.

2009 Event Stallion Auction

posted Nov. 13, 2008

The 2009 Area II EVENT STALLION Auction, our 2nd annual, to benefit the Area II Young Riders, will get started the first of December, 2008. Please check back for detailed instructions if you are interested in donating a stallion service, or in bidding on one! If you have a question please email Area II Sponsorship coordinator, Holly Covey, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you! (All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, Area II YR is a 501.c.3 educational activity.)

The Stable Scoop Radio Show Goes Live With An Entertaining Look At All Things Horse

posted Nov. 6, 2008

The Horse Radio Network is pleased to announce the launch of it's first weekly Internet radio show. The Stable Scoop Radio Show takes an entertaining look at a different horse topic each week. With the help of the leading experts, veteran online radio hosts Glenn the Geek and Helena B. bring you a light hearted informative look at the topic of the week. Appealing to a variety of equestrian disciplines and horse enthusiasts of all sorts, the Stable Scoop Radio Show is available for listening on their site at or through iTunes.

Glenn the Geek and Helena B. are familiar with hosting duties on the Internet as they hosted one of the first horse podcasts over two years ago. Both are experienced horse people who take a somewhat irreverent look at the horse industry and are not shy about sharing their opinions. Glenn is a trained improvisational actor and a horse husband with over 20 years of experience at both. Helena is an experienced horsewoman, mom of a horse-loving six year old and avid fox hunter. "Helena provides a great counterbalance to some of Glenn's wackiness," comments Jennifer, a groupie of the hosting pair.

With an emphasis on the everyday rider, show segments include Horse News, Blog of the Week, Stable Spotlight, the 2010 Games Report, and interviews with top riders as well as rider's in the "barn next door."

Listeners can catch new shows each Friday at or by subscribing through iTunes. The show is available to download to MP3 players or iPods, so folks can listen while they are doing their favorite barn chores or on the road to the next horse show!

Where the Buffalo Roam - NAJYRC 2008

posted Oct. 17, 2008

What a journey we had to the wild, wild west this year. NAJYRC this year was held at the beautiful Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO. Due to the extend travel and acclimation issues for horses and riders, we held our training camp over 10 days at the O’Brien’s Kincora Farm in Vass, North Carolina. They were kind enough to donate their facility at no charge to the program again this year. Much appreciation from all of us. Camp began on the 18th of July with the attendees including Laura Roberts, Kaitlin Spurlock, Kate Bagwell, Alex Martone Molly Curtiss and Benita Strini. All horse’s and rider’s arrived geared up and ready to go! This year Area II had only a CH * junior team and did not have any Young Riders qualified for the CH**. I am hopeful for next year though!

Training camp went really well...

Points Updated Sept. 19, 2008

posted Sept. 24, 2008

The days are getting cooler, and some of the nights are almost cold enough to require sheets! The season is starting to wind down already. Hard to believe there are only 15 events left to go!

Training 3-Day News

Area II Adult Riders are happy to report that Cowboy Magic has joined the Training Three Day Event this year as a new Silver Sponsor. Other sponsors this year include Rebecca Farms and many more!

The deadline is fast approached for both program ads and Fence Sponsorships ($100). For more information contact Sponsorship Coordinator Holly Covey.

The training three-day event takes place at Waredaca, Laytonsville, MD., on Oct. 22-25, 2008. Entries are now open for the educational hybid competition held annually and sponsored by the Adult Riders group. Entries will close Oct. 7, 2008 but get yours in early if you are considering entering to enable organizers to plan.

Volunteer positions are going fast - be sure to sign up to volunteer as soon as you can! Volunteer Coordinator is Jaffe Nye.

For more information check the website or click on the link to the left.

Across the Levels Team Challenge Sponsored by Waxhaw Tack Exchange (October 25-26)
in conjunction with the NCDCTA championships.

By Abbey Dondanville

posted 9/1/08

Teams consist of three or four riders of any age/division competing in any three or four consecutive levels (i.e. one rider each at Preliminary, Training, Novice, and BegNovice). The best three consecutive scores will be used to determine final team standings. If a team has only three members, they must ride in consecutive levels. Riders will continue to earn individual awards and USEA points in their respective divisions.

The spring USEA event, and had over 20 teams compete! Riders really seemed to enjoy being able to compete with their coaches, children, barnmates, etc. We even allowed the Maiden riders’ scores to count in the team competition, so Junior riders were thrilled (there were several M,BN,N teams)…including a YRAP team.

IT'S AUGUST -- Do You Know Where YOUR Teammates Are???

By Penny Lynch

posted 8/26/08

October 4th, and the Annual CDCTA (Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association) vs. VADA/Nova (Virginia Dressage Association, Northern Virginia Chapter) Dressage Team Challenge Show in Haymarket, VA will be here before you know it.... I know, I know…. This isn’t a horse trial, or an event, but it’s a REALLY FUN dressage show. And what eventer doesn’t need to polish dressage a little bit? So, consider forming a team, and coming out and having a blast...

Points Updated August 10, 2008


Reminder: Don't forget to submit your Volunteer Hours Confirmation Form (with at least EIGHT hours of volunteer time) for your points to count at the end.Of the 24 total divisions offered, only 11 of them to date have the highest point earner confirmed with their volunteer hours.

Team Challenges at Difficult Run HT

posted July 31, 2008

Difficult Run Horse Trials (8/23 & 24) is again offering an Adult Rider Team Challenge at their August Horse Trials. Organizer Steve Symansky says, “This is a great way for adult riders to have a little extra challenge and fun at our Horse Trials. We are happy to also host a YRAP Team Challenge this year, and we hope USEA members will take advantage of these added challenges at our Horse Trials.”

Participants in the Adult Rider Team Challenge need to be a member of the Area II AR program to participate. If you are not currently a member and want to participate, just sign up and let the organizer know that you have joined (forms are available to the right). Note that team members can be competing in different divisions and levels to form a team.

The YRAP Team Challenge is for junior riders and is modeled after the adult team competition. The kids have loads of fun naming their teams and dressing up for cross-country. More info is on the YRAP page of this site.

Please visit the Difficult Run Pony Club Horse Trials website for more information. Thank you to Steve Symansky, the organizer of DRPC HT for adding this fun dimension to the Horse Trials.

Points Updated July 26, 2008

posted July 29, 2008

It's been a busy summer for everyone! Hot weather continues throughout the Area, but doesn't seem to be holding anyone back. I received a nice flurry of registrations just before the June 30th cutoff, so I guess people are happy about how their seasons are going!

Some notable results from the last few months:

  • Wendie Bebie and Hoover had a nice 3rd place finish at the Virginia CCI* Full Format three day event (Open Division) while Tribbie McKinnon and Carlingford Sky finished 8th in the Jr/Young Rider Division. Congratulations on these placings in the true test of our sport, and a huge THANK YOU to Brian and Penny Ross of the Virginia Horse Trials for their continued support and belief in this traditional test of eventing.
  • Gigi Carter and Inka Dinka Doo finished 2nd in the Open Intermediate Division, Brittany Bridges and Derrymor grabbed a 2nd in the Training division, and DeAnna Hines and San Marco won their Training division, all at the Virginia Horse Trials.
  • Kay Brady and Homecoming Affair have brought home seconds at Waredaca, Seneca, a win at CDCTA, and then travelled out to Area 8 to bring home a 2nd from South Farm Horse Trial.
  • Courtney Cooper had a nice 2nd place finish at Waradaca and a 3rd at Surefire on Who's a Star (Training)
  • Heather Athey and Sampson IV brought home a 2nd at Rubicon and a 3rd at Surefire (Beginner Novice) while Emily Dunn and Atticus won their Beginner Novice Division at Rubicon.
  • Dana Norquist and Foothills Waterman had a 2nd place finish at Rubicon (Novice), and Cindy Wood and Unbelievable continued their steady season at Preliminary with second place finishes at Rubicon and MCTA.
  • Margretta Willemin and Kon Tiki finished 2nd at Plantation and 3rd at Seneca (Beginner Novice) while Jorgen Olijslager and Tally won their Beginner Novice division at Bucks County.
  • Carloline Martin won her Training division on Siren's Song, while Holly Covey and Rugby took 3rd in her Training division at Plantation Fields.
  • Yvette Seger and Roger Rabbit took 2nd place (Novice) and Mardi Herman and Zoe won at Preliminary at Seneca.

USEF/USEA Safety Summit

posted 6/18/08

Lexington, KY ? The USEF/USEA Safety Summit took place on June 7-8, 2008 in downtown Lexington, KY. More than 250 people from all corners of the country and all levels of the sport of Eventing showed up to listen, voice their concerns and work with fellow members of the Eventing community to find solutions to the safety issues facing the sport.

Plantation Field Introduces International Competition

posted 6/17/08

Fair Hill Events, Inc. (501(c)3) is pleased to announce the inaugural Plantation Field International CIC***, to be held September 19-21 2008 in Unionville, Pennsylvania. Already established as a popular venue for horse trials at all levels, this is the first time that Plantation Field will offer an internationally recognized competition.

Site updates

posted June 14, 2008

We're moving servers this weekend so you may see some fluctuation or errors. Please be patient and let us know if you have any issues. If you added any listings or classifieds from June 11 to June 14 you may have to add them again, as access to the old site is no longer available for me to copy the ads. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!

Lexington Safety Summit…Notes

by Duncan MacRae, Area II Chairman

posted June 9, 2008

*****Important Disclaimer*****
The synopsis that follows is my own paraphrase of what was discussed at the summit. It is by no means comprehensive. What I report here is likely colored by my own personal bias and experience, despite my best efforts to report the facts and remain objective. (Except for the long format *, which I am shamelessly in favor of!!!!!)

Some introductory discussion

David O’Connor. Opening remarks. 2% of rider falls result in injury. Few of those are serious.

50% of horse falls result in serious rider/horse injury. Plainly, reducing horse falls will go a long way to reducing catastrophic injury for both horses and riders.

The focus of the summit should be on how to reduce horse falls.

Kevin Baumgardner: Praised Jimmy Wofford and Danny Warrington’s editorial pieces.

Expressed a need for us all to unite and become “evangelists” for safety.

Frangible Pins

Only 4% of jumps are built with frangible pins. Frangible fences are only useful to the horse and rider who are already in deep trouble! When the question was put to the group...

Free Coursewalks by Emily Beshear

posted: June 5, 2008

In response to the recent conversations circulating throughout the eventing world regarding safety, responsibility and proper preparation for the cross country phase, Emily Beshear, in partnership with two of her sponsors: CFC Farm and Home Center and Foxden Equine, decided to offer a series of free course walks throughout the 2008 season. These course walks will be open to all- riders, parents and the general public. Riders, please feel free to join Emily as a supplement to your regular coach's walks, or because you find yourself competing alone for a weekend. Parents and friends... join her to learn how competitors break down the complexities of a course and turn it into a fun and exciting outing with their horses!

The free Course Walks will focus on safe, effective and efficient approaches to fences. In between fences participants will be encouraged to talk to Emily about their warm up strategies, preparation for the competition, stud choices, general tack questions, how to best help the horses recover after the course, etc.

Emily says, "These course walks are but a first step in making myself open and accessible to my fellow competitors." Please meet Emily at the start box at the following competitions:

  • Surefire HT 6/28-29
  • Maryland HT @ Loch Moy 7/19-20
  • Loudoun Hunt PC HT 8/30-31
  • Middleburg HT 9/27-28
  • Virginia HT 11/1-2

Please e-mail ahead of time if you would like to walk to request your level, or look out at the competition for the specific courses and times. You can e-mail Emily directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also visit for more information on clinics and training.

Area Points Program Update

posted June 27, 2008

...Lots of good results keep coming in! My hat's off to all of you who endured the early heat of both Rubicon and Lumber River! And a huge cheer to all the volunteers at both of those events. I have read nothing but good reports about how helpful and cheerful they were in that horrible heat. That's what eventing is all about -- pulling together to get the horse trial put on...

One last reminder. As of July 1st, there is a late fee of $25.00 per horse/rider combination being registered in the program.

Website Info

posted: May 18, 2008

You may have received notice that the USEA is rolling out a new website in the next few weeks. Our site is hosted with USEA so it's possible we may see some brief interruptions in service while things are changed over. Please be patient during any transition, and let us know if you experience any difficulties. Thank you!

Sad News

posted: May 11, 2008

I am sad to report that yesterday, at The Jersey Fresh Three Day, David O’Connor’s horse, Tigger Too died at fence #28 on the CCI*** course. Tigger was being ridden by Lauren Kieffer, who was not seriously hurt in the fall. Tigger Too was sent to the University Of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center for necropsy. According to an article in this morning’s Newark Star Ledger, the reported cause of death was a pulmonary hemorrhage that resulted in a ruptured aorta.

I know that I speak for all of Area II when I extend our condolences to the O’Connor and Kieffer families on the loss of this fabulous horse.

Points Update May 10, 2008

posted: May 8, 2008

The USEA caught up this week and posted lots of results, so I'm caught up now to this weekend. Be sure to double check the standings and let me know if I have missed something!

Lisa Rice, Kay Brady, and Laura Roberts have satisfied their volunteer requirements this week, all by fence judging at Difficult Run. I'm sure Steve Symansky and everyone at Difficult Run appreciates your efforts!

Some notable finishes...

Event Evaluations are a Piece of Cake

posted: May 8, 2008

Now Available: Electronic Event Evaluation Submission! We all know the event evaluations are important, but many don't want to take the time to find the form, fill it out, and then have to <gasp> put on a stamp and walk to the mailbox! So we have set up an online event evaluation form. It mimics the printed form, but will be submitted electronically to the Area II Chair.

The form is available under the "Competitions" link on the left. You do not have to fill in your name or email address, but the event name and date are required for obvious reasons. Complete yours today--it's a piece of cake!

Points Update, May 2008

posted: May 4, 2008

As May begins, the eventing season is now in full swing both north and south in the Area. Registrations keep coming in...Looks like the Adult Amateurs are kicking some butt out there. Some notable placings this month include...


Wine Tasting & Silent Auction

posted: May 3, 2008

Wed. June 11, 2008 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Flagship Farm and the Wine Cellar of Southern Pines are putting on a wine tasting to benefit the Young Rider Program. This catered event features great food, great wine, door prizes, and wonderful auction items. Tickets are $25 each or $40 per couple. Please contact Audrey Wiggins for ticket information at 910-315-3032 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stallion Auction benefits Young Riders

posted: April 23, 2008

The Area II Stallion Auction has ended, and we would like to thank everyone for their bids, and thank the stallion owners for their generous donations. Because of the generosity of these people, almost $5,000 was raised for YRs!.

We will keep the stallion listings live on the stallion page to promote these fine Area 2 Eventing Stallions, and encourage you to consider them for your breeding program."

North American Thoroughbred Society Launches Survey

posted: April 21, 2008

In a move to gather more information about how Thoroughbreds are being used outside of racing, the North American Thoroughbred Society (NATBS), launched a short survey designed to reach out to Thoroughbred owners and elicit feedback. The data will help NATBS tailor programs to an expanded range of members’ interests.

The three-minute survey poses seven questions with a range of possible answers that can be simply checked off, with flexibility to add more information if desired. Answers are confidential and the information is not shared with any outside individuals or organizations. Surveys may be requested by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Survey results will be posted at later this summer.

Clinic with David & Lauren O'Brien, Charlottesville, VA

posted: April 16, 2008

The Area II Young Rider program would like to extend invitations for our May 17-18 training session with David and Lauren O'Brien to anyone in the area schooling novice level or above. The clinic will be held at River Lawn Farm near Charlottesville, VA. This facility is a fantastic site with a cross country course built by Eric Bull, a spacious show jumping area and a covered dressage arena. The cost of the clinic is $250 which includes stabling, lunch on both Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday evening. The more entries we receive, the more money the Young Rider program will raise on our quest to the NAJYRC in Parker, CO this summer. All the information and entry forms can be found in the Young Rider section of the site. If you have any questions, please email or call Gwen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 910-315-6179.

Website news

posted: April 12, 2008

Our Area 2 site has gone through many changes over the past few months. Thank you all for your patience in the transition. There have been some suggestions by members, which have resulted in:

  • Reformatting the free Classifieds to a tabular format (more like the old listings).
  • Adding a link to USEA results, so you can quickly get the links to official results for Area 2 events (as they are posted by USEA).

Many people have added their events to our free calendar of events. Take a look sometime, it's loaded with clinics, events, and schooling opportunities! USEA is working on a feed that will populate our calendar with all the Area 2 recognized events.

Future plans include offering advertising, creating a stallion roster of Area 2 stallions, and adding a photo gallery.

Keep your positive feedback and suggestions coming. This site is a service to the Area 2 eventing community, so help us make it best for YOU!

Area Points Updated

posted: April 6, 2008

The first Volunteer Confirmation Forms have been received! Area II Points Program and Southern Pines Horse Trials would like to thank Michele Lobsinger and Kaily Meeks for coming out and helping, by fence judging and decorating the cross country course. Good jobs, Michele and Kaily! Your points are now "confirmed"!

Wendy Bebie has leaped to the top of the board by winning her Advanced division at Southern Pines II aboard her long time partner, Phoenix. Looks like another good season started there!

Band together in support of Darren!

posted: April 16, 2008

Many of Darren Chiacchia’s sponsors have come together in a display of continuing support by organizing an armband/wristband fundraiser for the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, April 23-26. Look for your favorite riders to be competing, wearing their armbands in a display of solidarity.Join us in showing your support – armbands and wristbands will be available at Rolex from participating sponsors and retailers.The suggested donation for armbands is $100 and wristbands will be available for a free-will donation.All proceeds will go directly to Darren’s fund at the Equestrian Aid Foundation. (submitted by Celine McElvery, Fundraiser Organizer, Charles Owen Inc. 603.821.1030)

Young Rider Training Clinic Info.

posted: March, 2008

Information for Hotels, as well as directions, to the Young Rider Training Clinics is available.

Volunteers and Volunteer Opportunities in Area 2

posted: March, 2008

We all know this sport couldn't exist without volunteers! Volunteers enjoy fun, camaraderie, goodies, and the undying thanks of competitors, officials, and organizers.

New requirements for the Area 2 Awards Program also include submitting volunteer hours to qualify.

A suggestion was made by an Area 2 Member to have a section on the website whereby volunteers can hook up with different events to help out, and events can find potential volunteers.

New Classifieds and Resource Section

posted: March, 2008

We are in the process of streamlining our ads and resource listings. As of today (March 19, 2008) the new ads are the default. You can still get to the old ads, but not for much longer!


If you browse the listings and find your facility or ad, you can request that your userid be assigned to that ad, then you can retain ownership of the listing and edit and add or delete your own listings as needed. You'll need to first create a login, then email the webmaster to have your login assigned to a particular listing.

Newsletter Poll

posted: February, 2008

The Optimum Times Area II newsletter is produced quarterly, and is full of information you can use as an eventer in Area II. Currently it is mailed, via the US Postal service, to current USEA members in our area....Please give serious consideration to the possibility of electronic distribution of the newsletter. Cast your vote through our simple poll.

It’s never too early to plan for the Area 2 Annual Meeting

posted: January, 2008, 2008

When: Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where: We will be in a new location, The Hilton Garden Inn in Kennett Square, Pa.

Rooms have been reserved for Friday and Saturday night and the group rate is $115 per night. The block of rooms at this price will only be available until October 21, 2008, so please call early.

We are excited to offer you a new location for this year’s meeting...

2008 USEA Area II Calendars

posted: January, 2008

2008 Calendars are ready and hot off the presses. You thought you’d seen it all with the Area II 2006 Calendar Girls, and we must fondly be adieu to our 2007 Area II Calendar Guys. We hope you enjoy our 2008 calendar packed with fun shots of the Waredaca Training Three day past and present. Check out our new Sunday to Saturday format and don't miss out on your favorite event's open date. As always, the 2008 calendars include event listings for all 2008 Area II recognized events and the opening/closing dates for each competition. The calendars sell for $20 each plus postage with the proceeds to benefit the Educational Training Level Three Day at Waredaca.

Click here for a calendar order form. For more information, please contact Pat Mansfield by phone at 301.774.7258 or email.

Registrations are open for the 2008 Year End Points and Awards Program.

This program differs slightly from the National program, so it’s a good idea to read the rules and review eligibility, how points are calculated, fees, and deadlines.

For 2008, the program has a new component – a Volunteer Incentive (more information is below).The sport only exists because of volunteers, and those have been harder and harder to come by for many organizers in recent years. To hopefully encourage more people to give volunteering a try, eight hours of volunteer work are now required in order to qualify for the Year End Points Program. This volunteer work can be fence judging, scoring, scribing, set up, take down, stuffing packets, or really just about anything directly relating to Eventing.So, call your local organizer and find out how you can help them out! Full details about this new program are also in the rules, and the submission form can be found in the links to the right.

It is the rider’s responsibility to check this website frequently during the season and verify that the points shown are accurate.It is also the rider’s responsibility to submit any “out of area” points as those are not tracked automatically. All of the points tracking is done manually, and mistakes are made, so please contact the chair to alert her to any possible discrepancies. Double check the program rules and how points are calculated before asking, though, as you may find the answer to your question.

There are beautiful ribbons to eighth place for every division, Perpetual Trophies engraved with the Champion names, and Champions in 2007 received fitted, embroidered, fleece dress coolers for their horses to show off at events this year.Send in your registration form soon to get in on the program!Plan now for the 2008 Awards Banquet, and come proudly claim your prizes!

2008 Volunteer Incentive Program

Any USEA Area II member wishing to receive points toward Area II Year End Awards must volunteer at least 8 hours during the current calendar year, preferably at an Area 2 recognized event

The total hour requirement can be completed in any variety of ways. For example, volunteering for 1 day at an event, or 2 half days at different events. The intention of this new requirement is to encourage riders to volunteer at events as fence judges, workers, etc., but any volunteer activity that relates to eventing will be considered.

Each volunteer will be responsible for contacting the respective organizer (s), coordinating their own volunteer efforts, and obtaining confirmation from the organizer, event secretary, or other designated person. Upon completion of the required hours, the volunteer will submit confirmation of the volunteer hours to the Area 2 Awards chair (Susan MacRae.)

Forms are available in the links at the top right.

Featured Image

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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