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Young and the Rest of Us ---- Season long edition

This is the first year we are trying this so please help us work out the bugs! Goal is to have fun and bring us all together. We will start registering teams now with a final dead line of June 15 (note scoring starts when you register…so the sooner you start your team the better!!!)

To register, please email (i) your list of team members (riders and horses), (ii) team name, and (iii) name of your team captain and their contact information for team captain to Melissa Stubenberg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you do not get a responding email… again!!!!!!

• Teams of 3-5 horses (minimum 2 riders)

o Must have at least one Adult Program Member and one YR Program Member.

 Adult can be professional or amateur.

o All team members must be part of Area II's Adult Rider Program or Young rider program.

o One non-competing member permitted (but must be registered with USEA as Supporting member and join either Adult Riders or YR). Their volunteer hours will count toward the team's score.

o If you do not have enough members, we can fill your team.

o Do NOT need to be in same state.

o One horse per team member per season

 A new horse for team rider may be substituted if named team horse injured or sold
 Riders may be on more than one team with different horses

• Horse may only be nominated for one team

 Rider may have more than one horse on a team as long as maximum number of horses on team is 5

• Need a team name (Keep it clean people).

• Points earned from registering of the team until the end of the competition year in Area II (weekend of last event).

o only recognized events in Area II

 All levels (BN-Adv)

o Points awarded under USEA points process-validated from USEA website

 amateur and JR points will be used when applicable

• U-Pts rider looked up on USEA system
• If no U-Pts, then regular Pts used (not O-points)

o Plus 2 points to each member who completes an event with a numeric score regardless of placing

o Plus 2 points if 3 members of a team complete the SAME event with a numeric score

o Plus 1 point per every 4 hours of volunteer hours at Area II events or activities

 must register through Volunteer App

 same rules as for yearend volunteer awards with USEA

 volunteer points for all team members are retro-active for the whole season

• Each team must submit their points (Screen prints from USEA website) for verification

o we will post deadlines but it will be roughly every 6 weeks

 Name a team captain responsible for submissions

 Just a quick email or text or FB post

o Leader board will be updated end of each month

• Special awards to team videos and blog posts that are shared to be posted on Area II web site/FB

o Pictures are welcome

• Year-end award

o Ribbons

o Prize for top team

o bragging rights

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Elle and Super crushing the massive trakehner for their first time around Fair Hill. PC Amy Dragoo


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