YRAP Fall Season Activities

YRAP Activities for the remained of 2019 are below. We have 3 team competitions and the Area Championships. For those stabling - please list AREA 2 YRs on your form.

1. Oct 4-6 Morven Park Area 2 Championships - Individual Awards to program members

2. Oct 11-13 - MDHT BN3-Day - Team competition

3. Oct 24-27 - Waredaca Classic 3-Day (N-P) - Team competition

4. Oct 31-Nov 3 - Adult/YR Team Competition focused on

5. Nov 10 - Full Moon Farm - Achievement Awards

The Area annual meeting will be held in PA again this year. Please keep an eye out for the forms as the awards are great for those who have done their volunteer hours. This is a great chance to bid on entries where the proceeds benefit the various Area 2 Programs! Those who are interested in going to the NAYC are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting - we go over lots of material and information about qualifications, trainers verses coaches, fundraising etc.

The USEA annual meeting will be in Boston. More on that topic in the future.

2019 YRAP Schedule

Mission: The activities are designed to develop camaraderie among young riders, thus, hopefully, developing lifelong friendships and a commitment to the sport. The purpose of the program is to encourage our younger members to become involved in the sport of Eventing and perhaps continue this involvement into their adult lives as members of the US Team, volunteers at local events, coaches, trainers, competitors, and consumers of equine products. The Young Rider Program consists to two components. The NAYC branch focuses on developing and fronting riders and horses for the North American Youth Championships (NAYC) each summer. The YRAP branch focuses on providing young riders with the education and skills they need to progress through the levels regardless of level. In addition, each has a fund-raising program. The funds raised are used to help defray the costs of the program activities. The YRAP encompass a variety of friendly competitions, camps, and educational activities which provide the educational development necessary for a young rider's progression. While many young riders never endeavor to progress to the NAYC and beyond, YRAP is in place for them to accomplish whatever competitive goals they do have. In short - Our members are the future of the sport!

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