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Here is a summary of YRAP activities which were supported by our Area 2 organizers. Thanks to all who helped support our youngest riders and develop interest in Area 2 activities.

The Fork Stables:

The Fork provided the kids pizza and tickets to the gala in exchange for the fantastic opportunity to work with Sally Ike and Mogie Bearden - Muller tearing down the dressage and building the show jumping.  Those who were riding the next day, said it made a big difference in their understanding of how to ride the course.  The XC course walk and rider critique the next day with was Bonnie Mosser.  She looked like the pied piper with a gathering of young and old taking advanatage of the  great learning experience.

Morven Park and the VA region Pony ClubsL

Morven Park and the VA region Pony Clubs offered a training ground for fence judges.  The kids paired with experienced fence judges got to the point the could see the difference between impulsion and speed.  The could start to tell who was going to be successful and who was going to have an awkward fence before it happened.

The Maryland Horse Trials:

The Maryland Horse Trials was absolutely wonderful at letting us mix and match the kids desires and needs.  Everyone was so friendly and accomidating.  The course builder spent a good 20 minutes explaining why certain fences are where they are on the course and how to measure a XC fence from the take off not the base.  Kathy White taught them about setting the show jumping course and related distances.  The scribes and dressage judges were amazingly open and encouraging helping the kids understand forward, accurate, and straight was more important then behind the bit.  In exchange the small teams of kids helped adjust the dressage and show jumping rings as needed on Saturday.

Virginai Horse Trials:

The VA HT Spring, Difficult Run Summer, and Marlborough Fall all offered any JR or YR an opportunity to compete on  scramble teams at no additional cost and often with the bonus of a free tack stall if they put together their own team.  The scavenger hunts, pizza party, and other activities help the kids get to know each other; while I used it as a recruiting tool for the program.   I look forward to expanding the activities that benefit all kids going forward.

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Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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