Pippin VI, Cynthia Sansone

adultrdrhorseofyearSponsored by the Area II Adult Rider ProgramPrevious Winners

2018: Holloway, Cindi Moravec

2017: Mr. President, Diane Zrimsek
Captain My Captain, Shea Foley
2015: Isabella, Natalie Huso
2014: Santos, Jenna Calcaterra
2012: Roger Rabbit, Yvette Seger
2011: Aqua Tom, Helen Hayn
2010: Able Sportsfield, Michele Lobsinger
2009: (tie) Drop The Buck, Cindy DePorter
                 Badlands Billy, Hilary
2008: (tie) Point Clear, Foy Barksdale
                 Cavalier, Alison Coates
2007: Zeke, Barbara Cohen-King
2006: Unbelievable, Cindy Wood
2005: Lighthouse, Patricia Weston 
2004: Duke of Earl, Franz-Hahr Phillips
2003: (tie) Woodbine, Diane McBroom
                 Shall We Dance, Pat Mansfield

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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