Area II Organizers Perpetual Trophy

Command Approval, Melissa Fox

Previous Winners

2018: Conquistadora, Samantha Erwin

2017: Island Fever, Jodie Stowell Potts
          Mr. President, Diane Zrimsek
 As You Wish WF, Sara Gartland
2015: Diamond Legacy, Melissa Fox
2014: Diamond Legacy, Melissa Fox
2013: Diamond Legacy, Melissa Fox
2012: Doug, Wendy Bebie
2011: Happy Fellow, Susan Gehris
2010: Orange, Doreen Schlicht
2009: Inspired, Nick Olijslager
2008: Honest Abe, Leighann Farrar
2007: The Barrister, Darrin Mollett
2006: Inka Dinka Doo, Gigi Carter
2005: Southern Dancer, Karen Clark Rubin
2004: Red Beans And Rice, Whitney Digney
2003: Ulysse, Scottie Reeves
2002: Fortunate Son, Susan Baker
2001: Aspens Black Diamond, Amy Jo Cattell

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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