Presented by Southern Pines Eventers and Organizers

Conquistadora, Samantha Erwin

op prel ch trophyPresented by Southern Pines Eventing Competitors and OrganizersPrevious Winners

2018: Not Awarded
2017: Malibu Rock, Monica Fiss
2015: Rush W, Katie Domino
2014: Go Gilda, Mardi Herman
2013: Go Gilda, Mardi Herman
2012: Buckharo, Lindsay Kelly
2011: Subway Prophet, Cassidy Sitton
2010: Zoe, Mardi Herman
2009: Zoe, Mardi Herman
2008: Zoe, Mardi Herman
2007: Samson VIII, Justine Dutton
2006: Cartanga, Yvonne Lucas
2005: Carrig View, Emily Beshear
2004: Able Sportsfield, Michele Lobsinger
2003: Ronaldo, Jamie Striley
2002: Flash Point, Duncan MacRae
2001: Double Hierarchy, Beth Wheeler

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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