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Body Lameness and Biomechanics Clinic

Combination Clinic June 18-19, 2022 Raeford, NC (very close to CHP)

Body Lameness and a new way to look at equine sports medicine with Dr Kate Workman of Denali Equine.

Biomechanics with 4* eventer, Jessica Bortner-Harris, BS in Equestrian Studies Learn how each thing effects the other in so many ways. June 18 from 8-12 will be the lecture portion of the clinic. Dr Workman and Jessica will use demo horses and riders to discuss common issues that they see in their day to day.

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Daniel Stewart Clinic Information


Riders continually encounter mental and physical challenges and how we handle them greatly influences our ability to succeed. Join me for a fun and motivating jumping, dressage, or xc clinic, along with inspirational workshops and seminars that create strong minds (confidence, courage, concentration), strong bodies (strength,, stamina, suppleness), and strong teams (camaraderie, cooperation, communication).

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