Sponsored by VTO Saddlery and the Area II Adult Riders Organized and presented by Yvonne Lucas

Calling adult (lower-level) riders “Smurfs” originated with Captain Mark Phillips some years ago. His comments caused quite an uproar among the adult riders, who make up the great majority of USEA members. DC McBroom made sure Mark was reminded of his comments at every opportunity by leaving a Smurf doll where he would be sure to encounter it. Since then many adult riders have adopted the Smurf title as their own.

I wanted to sponsor an award for adult riders that wasn’t based on performance in competitions. The various Smurf dolls available gave me some ideas for award categories, and in 2006 the first Smurfie Awards were presented. 

The recipients are nominated and selected by the members of the Area II Adult Riders. Except for the “Hug your Smurf” category, nominees must be current, paid members of the Ar2ARs. (I will check and let nominators know if their nominated person isn’t a member.) Nominees may not have won in the nominated category before. 

Smurfie categories and descriptions are listed below. A list of past winners by year and by category is also below. Nominations will generally run through November, and voting will take place in December. Winners are announced at the Area II Annual Meeting, usually in January.

Winners receive ribbons, a plush Smurf doll and little goodies, and some wonderful items kindly donated by VTO Saddlery.

Nominations are closed for 2012. Stay tuned for results!


  • HUG YOUR SMURF:  Any person, A2AR member or not, who has done the most to support the Area II Adult Riders and their activities.
  • PAPA SMURF:  The A2AR member who best displayed leadership and dispensed support, information and wisdom to other Area II Adult Riders.
  • COWBOY SMURF:  The A2AR member who best displayed bravery, brilliance, survivorship, riding-the-buck, and grace under pressure with a tough horse.
  • INDIAN SMURF:  The A2AR member who displayed great personal strength against adversity, showing toughness, heart, and perseverance.
  • SMURFETTE:  The A2AR member who consistently displayed and helped others achieve great style and turnout. A Groombabe or Groomdude!

Past Winners:

Hug Your Smurf:     Michele Schwatrz
Papa Smurf:                Janet Gunn
Cowboy Smurf:        Judith Lamb
Indian Smurf:              Brena Jones
Smurfette:         Diane Zrimsek

Hug Your Smurf:     Steve Symansky
Papa Smurf:                “Merlot” (Anne Beech)
Cowboy Smurf:        Barbara Cohen-King
Indian Smurf:              Karen Rubin
Smurfette:         Susan MacRae

Hug Your Smurf:     Gretchen Butts
Papa Smurf:                Karen Rubin
Cowboy Smurf:        Jeff Beshear
Indian Smurf:              Pat Mansfield
Smurfette:         Nick Olijslager
Special Smurf:         Dorothy Smith

Hug Your Smurf:     Cheryl Microutsicos
Papa Smurf:                Dorothy Smith
Cowboy Smurf:        Eileen Morgan
Indian Smurf:              Barbara Cohen-King
Smurfette:         Kristine Slovis
Special Smurfs:     Cindy DePorter
D.C. McBroom
Holly Covey

Hug Your Smurf:     Pat Mansfield
Papa Smurf:                Michelle Lobsinger
Cowboy Smurf:        Duncan MacRae
Indian Smurf:              Anne Beech
Smurfette:         Cindy Wood

Hug Your Smurf:    Holly Covey
Papa Smurf:         Eileen Morgan
Cowboy Smurf:         Patty Weston
Indian Smurf:         Dorothy Smith
Smurfette:         D.C. McBroom

Featured Image

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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